The 3L Project

The 3L Project is a computing system being built from the ground up to explore and build a fundamentally better programming and computing environment. The first step of this process is creating an operating system and language runtime.



The software, hardware, and programming techniques in use today are based on the past. They generally don't take advantage of recent Computer Science research, are messy, buggy, insecure, easily crashable, and difficult to develop correct solutions for. The 3L Project aims to explore and implement ways of fixing these issues.

The 3L Project also has an explicit goal of reducing the environmental impact of computing, specifically as it relates to the climate change disaster.


An initial proof-of-concept has been created of the operating system and language runtime. It runs on "bare metal" for x86_64 computers and implements all of the core features of R7RS Scheme as well as a portion of the standard library.

However, the system is currently being rewritten to better meet the goals and theories of the 3L Project. The new version is based on a much smaller core and is more flexible than Scheme by itself is, but it is powerful enough to support Scheme and many other Lisp or non-Lisp languages; it is less limiting and more open to experimentation. The new version should be released soon.

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3L is still too small and evolving too fast for direct coding contributions but we welcome all input, research, and ideas. If you have any feedback or suggestions send an email to the 3L Project hackers list. As soon as possible we will open the project up to direct code contributions.