About the 3L Project

What is the 3L Project?

The 3L Project is a project devoted to the advancement of computing systems. It focuses on improving the safety, security, reliability, and software development process while also providing the flexibility to adapt to any future changes, new research, and new ideas.

The first step in this process is creating an operating system and language runtime that can provide the foundation for the rest of the 3L Project.


The end goal of the 3L Project is to create a computing system that dramatically improves our quality of software and the way in which software is created while also being able to adapt and incorporate future changes in the computing world.

The 3L Project is ever changing and experimenting but practical "snapshots" and branches of that progress will be developed, released, and supported along the way. This means developing an actual practical system that can be used to develop and run applications for a wide variety of environments. The 3L Project aims to both research and implement solutions in tandem. The 3L Project believes software should not be static but ever evolving and that mentality is built in to the core of 3L. A heavy focus is on designing systems that are easy to change and update without forcing a rewrite of software already running on the 3L Project's releases. You can always check out the latest theories and areas of development.